Watch this video and more on Drive Thru History Adventures

Watch this video and more on Drive Thru History Adventures

Episode 15: The Trial of Jesus

The Gospels • 27m

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    We experience the horrible torture of Jesus and his agonizing execution just outside the walls of Jerusalem. We examine the nature of crucifixion and the importance of Jesus’ death. We explore Jesus’ seven statements from the cross. We investigate the locations for Golgotha and the tomb of Joseph...

  • Episode 17: The Resurrection of Jesus

    We share in the excitement of an empty tomb three days after Jesus’ death, visiting Jerusalem to investigate the accounts of the Resurrection. We explore the Jewish and Roman responses to such a miraculous event. We walk the Road to Emmaus and witness certain followers’ reaction to the resurrecte...

  • Episode 18: Who is Jesus?

    We finish with the four faces of the Gospels, the different biographical perspectives on the life of Jesus. We reexamine the Messianic prophecies and visit Qumran in the context of the Dead Sea Scrolls. What is the legacy of Jesus’ followers? What is the summary of the “Good News” of the Gospel a...