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Episode 1: The Rise of Western Civilization

Ancient History • 45m

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  • Episode 2: The Age of Conflict

    We continue our journey through ancient Rome. We learn how the depravity and tyranny of Emperor Nero burned indelible scars into the Roman Empire, witness chariot races at the Circus Maximus, and walk the ruins of the Colosseum where they held gruesome gladiator games. We investigate the extreme ...

  • Episode 3: A Time of Challenges

    In this episode, we trace the epic exploits of Hannibal, one of Rome’s most relentless, strategic, and dangerous rivals. We step into the crossfire between Carthage and Rome in the Punic Wars and examine one of the most studied battles in ancient history. We peer more deeply into the lives of tho...

  • Episode 4: Roots of Democracy

    We’re off to Greece, where we dive into ancient Greek culture. We study the life and legacy of Homer, the famous poet who produced the Iliad and Odyssey and paved the way for modern literature. We trek to the peak of Mount Parnassus to investigate the infamous Oracle at Delphi, travel with the Ap...