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Episode 7: East Meets West

Ancient History • 45m

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  • Episode 8: Ruins and Romans

    In this episode, we venture through the fertile Lycus Valley in the heart of Asia Minor with a mission to visit three cities that thrived during the 1st century: Hierapolis, Laodicea, and Colossae. We explore the grounds surrounding the Temple of Apollo, where people once believed the gateway to ...

  • Episode 9: The Advancement of Knowledge

    We meander through the Roman ruins of what was arguably the largest and most crucial city of Asia Minor during the New Testament era, Ephesus. We walk the halls of ancient libraries to learn how they revolutionized the ancient world’s access to knowledge and ultimately opened the doorway to moder...

  • Episode 10: Heart of Stone

    In this episode, we venture deep into the heart of Turkey, approximately 300 miles from the city of Ephesus, to the remote region of Cappadocia. We explore ancient caves and dwellings carved into stone to uncover how this region stood as the first gateway from the civilized eastern hemisphere to ...

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